20 June, 2024

Common Ground

Launch of Support Programme for Local History with Prior Park Buildings Research Group

An exhibition prepared by the Prior Park Buildings Group, to celebrate the 200th anniversary of houses will mark the launch of the Museum’s programme of support and advice for local historical societies and researchers. Each year the museum will offer display space and advice in the preparation and production for a temporary exhibition which will run throughout the summer of each year.

The programme entitled ‘Common Ground’ will apply to any historical group, researcher, or groups of researchers investigating an aspect of local history in the Bath area.

The Prior Park Buildings Group have been investigating the heritage of the historic row of 18th century houses where they live – local history at a granular level. The Museum has assisted in the preparation of the exhibition, which will be displayed in the Hudson Exhibition Hall.

Local history societies or researchers are asked to contact contact Museum Director Stuart Burroughs or through the museum website