Would you like to make your own Museum?


Do you collect anything? Have you a special set of things you are proud of and look after? If yes, then you are halfway to making your own museum in your own home!


While at home you could use all the skills we in museums use to show and tell people you know about the things that you treasure. If this sounds difficult, don’t worry – we have created a simple set of notes which you can download on making your own museum and you can call yourself Curator.

Don’t forget – as the instructions say – to put the opening hours for your museum on the door where you are to display your collection. Otherwise, visitors will be turning up at all hours!

Take some photographs of your museum and send them to Museum of Bath at Work – we might even put your photos on display!









Know Your Place?

An Exhibition for your Museum at Home










When you have a list (don’t forget something for X, Y and Z!) then write up the list (in your best handwriting!) and draw a little picture or take a photograph to show what or where it is.



If you’ve managed all this, you’ve created your first museum exhibition. Congratulations!  Take some photographs and the list of things in ABC order and send them to Museum of Bath at Work at – we might even put your photos on display!



We will choose the best one and there is a prize!





The Curator, Mr Stuart Burroughs



The Curator Mr Stuart Burroughs will put the winning alphabetical collection on display at the Museum of Bath at Work and will work with you – and your family- to make it look as good as it can be.





Ask Aunty!



Conduct an Interview for Your Museum at Home





In most Museums there will be things – like your collections, exhibitions – like your alphabetical display and archives. Archives are collections of information which might be useful.



This might be a collection of special photographs or newspapers. It might also be a collection of interviews with local people. As we do a great deal of work with local people they are a useful source of information and we have around 500 interviews recorded on sound or film asking people about their lives and work.



This information is very valuable as the people being interviewed (who we call interviewees) have some special memories which only they can remember. I expect there are special events you can remember when you were small.



Anyway you might like to have some recorded interviews in your Museum at Home and so you might like to record an interview with a member of your family- Mum, Dad, Aunty or someone else you know- to see what they remember! You could do the interview at home – over the kitchen table for example- or use the internet through Zoom, Facetime or Skype.



The idea of the interview is a sort of conversation but where you ask questions and the person you are asking gives the answers. Not the other way around! The idea is to get as much information as possible so they should do most of the talking.



Make yourself comfortable, have a cup of tea and biscuit nearby and make sure the person you are interviewing is also comfortable – they might like tea and a biscuit too.



Here are some sample questions. You might think of some others!



  • What is the earliest thing you can remember as a child?
  • Can you remember your home when you were a child?
  • Can you remember your first school? What was it like? How is it different to now?
  • Can you remember your first job? What did you do? What were the other people at work like?





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